WOOP Your Life and Business
Visualization Method

W: Wish/Goal/Concern/Dream

Relax and take a few deep breaths
Think about your dream/goal etc, something that is challenging but feasible in a given time period.
Be very specific
Concentrate on focusing on it in your mind’s eye.

O: Outcome

What is the best thing associated with fulfilling your dream or goal?
Identify it and hold it in your mind’s eye.
Imagine it as vividly as possible. Evoke the emotion that it will create.
Allow your thoughts and images to flow freely

O: Obstacle

Sometimes things do not work out as you would like.
What is it that is holding you back? What is it really?
Find the most critical, internal obstacle that prevents you from fulfilling your dream or goal.
What thoughts or behaviours are playing a role?
What habits or preconceived notions?
If the wish is feasible, we’ve already accounted for external obstacles, this is more about the internal ones.
The point of this exercise is to help prevent ourselves from getting in our own way!
The obstacle could be a behaviour, an emotion, an obsessive thought, an impulse, a bad habit, an assumption.
This part may take some time to really dig deep enough to find the true inner barrier and how you behave or react unconstructively because of it.
You may discover something about yourself that you never understood before.
Focus and hold the obstacle in your mind’s eye, as vividly as possible.

P: Plan

What can you do to overcome this inner obstacle?
Have one thought or action you can take and hold it in your mind’s eye
Think of when and where the obstacle occurs.
Form an IF-THEN statement. IF (name the obstacle), THEN (goal directed behaviour).
Repeat statement over to yourself a couple times.

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