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Mission Statement

The Valley Women’s Association is dedicated to bringing together women from all walks of life so that they may share and support each others goals and interests, exchange ideas, and encourage both learning from their peers and set a good example for others. We provide a platform to members for business networking and informative discussions on promoting a positive self image, health, safety, well-being and successful business practices.


The purpose of Valley Women’s Association is to bring together women of all walks of life for personal and professional growth, to initiate contact between women, to provide a comfortable environment for sharing common career and social concerns, and to offer self-development opportunities.

Women have come to our network to meet other women, to make business contacts and to make friends. The Valley Women’s Association. is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-affiliated group and does not have any particular single focus interest. It does not lobby for any cause or idea.


Valley Women’s Association (formerly the Valley Women’s Network) began in 1980 and is modeled loosely after other national network groups and was designed to meet the special needs of women in the Fraser Valley. Associate Chapters began being formed in 1992.

The Langley Chapter was formed in 1995. In 2018, the Valley Women’s Association became a “society” and formed a new association, separate from the Chilliwack and Mission Chapters.  Today the Valley Women’s Association includes the Tri-Cities, Surrey-Delta,  South Surrey-White Rock, and Langley Chapters. Visit the other chapters.

Core Committee Members

The Valley Women’s Association (VWA) is run by a Core Committee elected annually at the May luncheon. The VWN Langley Chapter Core Committee meets on Tuesday after the general luncheon meeting (generally the 4th Tuesday of each month).

If you wish to become a member of the Core, please contact the membership coordinator at vwalangmembership@gmail.com.  We would love to have you!

Elected for the 2019-2020 Year


Position Name Contact
Coordinator Judy Griffith VWAlangCoordinator@gmail.com
Assistant Coordinator Liz Crawford Liz Crawford VWAlangAssistant@gmail.com
Reservations & Tables Natalie Crawford Natalie Crawford VWAlangReservations@gmail.com
Secretary Winona Reinsma Winona Reinsma VWAlangSecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer Jane Bryce Jane Bryce VWAlangTreasurer@gmail.com
Membership  Lianne Thomlinson VWAlangMembership@gmail.com
Advertising Coordinator Judy Griffith VWAlangAds@gmail.com
Website Coordinator Vacant (advisor: Kim Mullin) VWAlangWebsite@gmail.com
Publicity Coordinator Josée Brazeau Josée Brazeau VWAlangPublicity@gmail.com
Social Media Coordinator Cindy Bosma Cindy Bosma VWAlangSocialMedia@gmail.com
Hostess Coordinator Patricia Lessard Patricia Lessard VWAlangHostess@gmail.com
Newsletter Vacant (advisor: Kim Mullin) VWAlangNewsletter@gmail.com
Historian  Trish Fedewich VWAlangHistorian@gmail.com
Member at Large            Judy Harris VWAlangMemberAtLarge@gmail.com
Advisory Committee Vacant  VWAlangAdvisory@gmail.com



A Core Committee, elected annually at the May meeting, runs the Valley Women’s Network.

All positions on the Core Committee will be open for election each year.

The Core position is a volunteer position.
Only members in good standing are permitted to nominate or to stand for office. Members may nominate themselves or
another member for a Core position.
Any member nominating another member should speak to that member first before putting her name forward.
Each nominee is contacted by the Nominating Committee to verify that she has read and agrees to adhere to the Network policies, that she is willing to accept the nomination and that she is able to fulfill the duties of that position if elected.

It is the responsibility of each Core member to attend all Core meetings, Network meetings and Network activities.

…VWN Policy & Procedures


The representative of each core position must attend all monthly core meetings, network luncheons and special events.

Responsible to host Network meetings, confirm and introduce guest speakers, chair Core meetings, act as the liaison between the membership and the Core, attend Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator’s Executive meetings, submit a Coordinator’s Report for each issue of the network’s newsletter, and to oversee all other positions and duties of the Core.

Assistant Coordinator:

Responsible to attend Network meetings, Core meetings, and Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator’s Executive meetings. Arrange and confirm guest speakers and 5 minute speakers. Support Coordinator in her duties and fill-in for Coordinator if required.

Responsible to attend Core meetings and take minutes. To circulate a copy of the minutes to each member of the Core in a timely manner, attend to any correspondence required and send or present “Thank You” notes as required.

Responsible to attend all Network meetings, Core meetings and fund-raising activities, prepare and issue receipts, make deposits, write checks, send invoices, reconcile the bank account and provide monthly financial statements to the Core members. Attend all functions of the Network, including monthly Core meetings, Network meetings and special events.

Reservations Coordinator:
Responsible to maintain an up-to-date chapter contact list and contact each person on the list before the monthly meetings in order to confirm the number of attendees. Responsible for booking and organizing display tables for members and affiliate members. Contact the venue with meeting requirements.

Membership Coordinator:
Responsible to provide up-to-date membership list with current contact information to Treasurer, Reservations, Directory and Newsletter Coordinators. Provide each renewing member with a current membership card. Provide a new member with a welcome package.

Newsletter Coordinator:
Responsible to coordinate the publishing of a monthly newsletter advising members of coming events, chapter meetings, coordinator’s report, timely articles of interest, speakers, seminars, advertising, etc

Directory Coordinator:
Responsible to compile a member’s directory to be issued to each paid member. Arrange for the historian or a photographer to take pictures of all members. Submit a proposed budget in September from previous year expenses.

Publicity & Promotion:
Responsible to promote network meetings, special events and seminars by writing articles and/or announcements to the local media. To set up and remove signs before and after an event and to store signs when not in use.

Responsible to take photos of guest speakers, meetings, special events, and compile a picture file for the year of events. Forward pictures to persons responsible for facebook, newsletter and website.

Establish and organize a Hostess committee. At each meeting welcome attendees. Follow duties outlined on Hostess Procedure List.

Member At Large:
Help out in any of the Core positions when needed. Participate on the Nominating Committee for the following year Core Committee.

Website Coordinator:
Responsible to update VWN Chapter home page with meeting dates and information. Including Chapter activities, guest speaker presentations and any other pertinent information.

A member wishing to assist or put any idea into motion may contact any member of the Core Committee. Every member is encouraged to be active in passing along information, in sharing skills and welcoming others to the group.

The positions currently available. If you would like to be part of a dynamic, fun filled networking group, contact any member of the core committee.

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