BY Margo Nielsen, Healthy Energy

WHAT IS REFLEXOLOGY?                                                 Reflexology works by applying gentle pressure to various points on the feet or hands that correspond to all body parts, organs and glands. Working on these reflexes deeply relaxes the whole body, relieves stress and tension, eases pain, improves circulation and cleanses the body of toxins.

Reflexology is a therapy that helps you to feel good. As pressure is applied to the various reflexes a message is sent to the corresponding part to either speed up, slow down, relax or just let go. This stimulates the body’s natural healing power.

Reflexology works on the principle that energy or life force circulates throughout the body and into every cell. If the energy becomes blocked, then that part of the body is affected. The techniques used in reflexology assist the body in releasing these blocks thus allowing the energy and blood to flow. Your feet are a mirror image of your body. So all the organs, glands and body parts are reflected on your feet and hands and ears.

BENEFITS OF REFLEXOLOGY                                                        There are many benefits to having reflexology and these are a few things that clients notice: reduces stress, helps digestion, aids in elimination, improves circulation, deeply relaxes the body, reduces pain and tension, balances emotions, revitalized energy, and improves sleep.


Yes everyone can receive reflexology from babies to the elderly and every age in between. It is a safe healing practice although there are a couple of contradictions where it might not be suitable such as deep vein thrombosis. If you have been in a car accident, had another injury, have too much stress, your digestion is off, you aren’t sleeping all that well, are experiencing headaches or migraines – a reflexology session could be a beneficial contribution to you and your body.

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