BY Jessica Kennedy, Founder of Strong Souls

As women who are so in tune with energy and emotions we often feel it in our body. We feel it in our health. We know the foods that energize us, and we know the foods that create turmoil in the pit of our stomach. We know that when we walk outdoors, move our bodies, and get a great workout in, we are going to feel awesome! But yet, how often do we choose to prioritize others, react and respond to the world around us, and forget to take care of ourselves internally?

Let’s commit to changing that! Let’s commit to caring about ourselves just as much as we care about our families, future, lifestyles, businesses, and all the beautiful bits in between. As strong leaders in the community, and as ambition role models to the world around us, let’s commit to taking action in the things you know you need to do. You know, those soul nudges, heart flutters, tiny voices inside your heart guiding you towards the moments in life you should move towards.

Practice mindfulness to the first initial thoughts of what your mindset brings you to when you are doing a certain action or living a certain way. The key to finding inner balance is to ask yourself what you need, and actually do those things. Listening to the soul nudges and taking necessary action is the next best step to get you there is a profound shift I have learnt to include in the lifestyle design experience and pursuit of living your best life.

Physical strength and mental strength go hand in hand. When you see yourself physically stronger than you thought possible you’ll be inspired to believe in yourself transforming your mindset and in turn every area of your life.

Jessica Kennedy, Fitness Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Business Strategist and Founder of Strong Souls |